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For fifteen years, Inboxable’s team of engineers, analysts and strategists has been helping brands accurately measure email campaign performance, develop proactive deliverability strategies and build intuitive email messages. All within a single platform.

Challenges We Solve

Brands are developing increasingly complex email programs that support more engaging, personalized and dynamic content within the inbox. The complexity of these features presents many challenges when it comes to implementation so marketers are facing longer production times and technical barriers to creating seamless, responsive and visually striking messages at the speed required by their marketing programs.

At the same time and due to ever-increasing email volume, every year ISPs develop stricter deliverability rules which make it more difficult for brands to reach their subscribers’ inboxes.

Finally, new laws and regulations are going into effect that can impact not just inboxing rates but broader marketing strategies.

All of these factors make it imperative for brands to find an experienced partner who knows how to promptly address and overcome deliverability issues as well as provide the intuitive technology that simplifies and streamlines email creation. This is where we come in.

The Solution We Offer

Our team of engineers, analysts, and marketing strategists has worked for over a decade to develop Inboxable: a new-to-market solution that drastically simplifies dynamic email creation and provides comprehensive email deliverability metrics.

With Inboxable, brands can use the drag-and-drop functionality of Email Builder to quickly create beautiful responsive messages, test how they render across 60+ web, mobile and desktop clients, and monitor their inbox placement without having to leave the tool’s interface.



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